COVID-19 Update

Like many of our patients and community members, we are concerned about the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 and the potential for infection.

We are closely following updates from the Pima County Health Department, CDC, and ACOG to provide the best and most appropriate care for our patients, our staff, and our community.

Although the number of confirmed case of COVID-19 in Pima County remains low, we are very concerned that the numbers will escalate quickly.  Testing has only been available for a short period of time, and it takes 4-5 days to receive the results.  It is important that we all make significant changes in our day to day activities to minimize spread.

We are committed to limiting the spread of COVID-19 by following CDC guidelines for businesses, health care settings and environmental cleaning and disinfection. We are taking all necessary precautions to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

We care deeply about our patients and the Tucson community and feel responsible to take action and make changes to our office protocol. The best way to minimize spread throughout the community is to exercise social distancing. This means keeping people from being in close quarters with others to reduce the risk of exposure. To help in this effort, our office will be calling to reschedule patients with non-urgent appointment to minimize the number of patients in the lobby and office. We will also be screening over the phone for any symptoms of infection prior to appointments and we ask patients to call us if they develop symptoms of fever greater than 100.4 degrees, cough, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, or symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

We ask you to participate in social distancing, for the sake of our community, as well. If you are able to work from home, please do so. Please limit outings only to those that are absolutely necessary. We realize that it will be a challenge for many to have children home from school but it is vital to keep them away from groups of other people as much as possible. Outdoor activities are a great idea, but trips to the movies or group playdates are not. We know if our community acts quickly and responsibly we can minimize spread of the virus and prevent our health care resources from being overwhelmed.

Social distancing will be our communities best weapon to fight this “novel Coronavirus”.  Novel meaning a new strain so no one has developed immunity to it.  Thus amplifying the importance of social distancing.

If you happen to have a large stash of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, infant formula or diapers, please reach out to those around you who may be in need of supplies. Feel free to post any inquiries or requests of such items to our Facebook Page.

Here are additional ways we are preparing, and how patients can help prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • Hand sanitizer is available at the front desk.  Before you check in, please apply some to your hands.  Hand sanitizer and soap are also available in all bathrooms and exam rooms.
  • All rooms and workstations are routinely cleaned with disinfectant.
  • If you are pregnant, please call us if you are sick with a fever and cough, have concern for possible exposure to COVID-19, or have a sick family member. We will help you determine the most appropriate way to obtain medical care without exposing other patients.
  • If you are scheduled for a routine visit and are sick, please call our office to reschedule.
  • Please do not bring any sick family members with you to your appointment.  We will be happy to help you reschedule if necessary.

Help keep yourself and our community safe by following recommended precautions:

  • Wash your hands frequently throughout the day with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Avoid unnecessary travel.
  • Avoid large groups of people whenever possible.
  • The flu continues to be of serious concern in our community.  Pregnant women are more likely to get severely ill from the flu and are high risk for needing hospitalization and ICU care. If you have not had a flu vaccination, please get one right away.
  • For our pregnant patients — there is reassuring data that pregnant women are not at increased risk for more severe outcomes than the general population.
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