St. Joseph Hospital Response to COVID-19

St Joe's COVID-19

Our affiliate hospital, St. Joseph, has implemented limited visitation strategies and other minimal exposure protocols to limit the spread of COVID-19.

At St. Joseph’s:

  • All patients and visitors will be screened for signs of infection before being granted access to the hospital
  • If you are pregnant and seeking medical attention at the hospital, please go to the specialized OB Emergency Department located within Labor and Delivery

Changes in the hospital policies for visitation:

*These policies are specific to St. Joseph’s Hospital, but similar measures are in effect for other Tucson hospitals
  • The majority of the hospital is on a strict “No Visitation” policy.
  • Labor and delivery patients are able to designate one visitor throughout their hospitalization.  The visitor must be the same person the entire hospitalization, and if they need to leave the hospital for any reason they can not return.
  • If patients think their water may have broken or they may be in early labor, we recommend that their partner bring them to the hospital to be evaluated, but not come in themselves.  Once the patient knows that they will be staying at the hospital, their designated visitor would be able to collect any supplies they might need, make arrangements for other children, pets, etc. and make sure they are prepared to be in the hospital for several days before they return.
  • Patients should discuss their specific circumstances with their physician or nurse practitioner who can provide more personalized recommendations, as advice may be different depending on the number of deliveries they have had in the past, the degree of cervical dilation, and other concerns.

These limited visitation strategies have never been implemented before and speak to the medical community’s high concern regarding the spread of COVID-19. Remember these measures are an attempt to keep patients safe and decrease spread of coronavirus. People can be infected with the coronavirus and infect others before they have any symptoms themselves, which necessitates minimizing contact with others, even though they seem healthy. For this same reason it is important to stay in your homes for all but essential activities.

Hospital on-site classes moved to online:

There is no higher priority than the health of our community. In an effort to avoid potential exposure to COVID-19. all on-site classes have been postponed until further notice.

In lieu of this, we urge all expectant families to register for FREE access to YoMingo. This web-based tool gives you access to:

  • Evidence-based education for labor and birth and breastfeeding
  • A direct link to the CDC’s updates on coronavirus and pregnancy
  • Multiple languages

Anyone can register for the program [here]. Once registered, you will receive an email invitation from to create a unique password and login.

If you do not receive a registration email from YoMingo, please be sure to check your spam folder.

Access to this program will be made available through the end of May.

St. Joseph’s Virtual Tour:

Like many other hospitals, in-person tours of St. Joseph’s are no longer being held. In the meantime, consider viewing their virtual tour!

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