Dr. Carranza-Chahal Featured in The New York Times

Dr. Carranza-Chahal

“Physicians are raising awareness of the reproductive toll that work stress, long hours, sleep deprivation, and years of training can exact.” – Jacqueline Mroz, Journalist for the New York Times

One of these physicians bringing awareness to these is our very own Dr. Carranza-Chahal. Her personal journey of becoming a mother in the medical profession makes her an incredible advocate for women.

“I consider myself a fierce advocate for all women as they work to achieve their personal and professional goals.  I personally understand the challenges that professional women face when trying to grow their families, including the tasks of maintaining a healthy pregnancy, grieving our pregnancy losses, and the momentous task of being a mother, Dr. Carranza-Chahal shares.

“I am excited to listen to our patients’ concerns, provide great care, and help find the best solution to reach their fertility goals.  Sometimes extra assistance is needed to achieve conception, and for this reason, I offer ovulation induction and intrauterine insemination in our office at Copperstate OB/GYN,” Dr. Carranza-Chahal explains.

In her feature with The New York Times, she discusses her personal experience and her goal of increasing visibility and community resources for this issue.

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