Why You Should Choose Copperstate OB/Gyn


When it comes to choosing a women’s healthcare provider, there are so many aspects to consider. Women’s health care requires an intimate level of trust that can be difficult to find. It’s important for you to choose a provider you feel confident in – someone you can build a trusting, lasting relationship with. That’s why we recommend our practice, Copperstate OB/Gyn, for your healthcare needs. Here’s why our patients choose us.

Why You Should Consider Copperstate OB/Gyn for Your Women’s Health Needs

We strongly believe in providing quality women’s healthcare in a modern, friendly atmosphere. Our practice is composed of board-certified obstetricians and gynecologists who are up-to-date on the latest research, procedures, and technology. As doctors caring exclusively for women, our emphasis at your annual examination is on prevention, screening tests, and family planning.

What Makes Us Special During Your Pregnancy & Delivery

We’re women, so we understand the women’s health experience better than most. Our all-female obstetrician team’s goal is to make your birth experience a positive and memorable event. We feel that few experiences are as rewarding as delivering babies and so our journey with you begins with conception planning and extends through prenatal visits with the goal of culminating in a healthy birth.

Our physicians are also able to perform blood work, antenatal testing, evaluations, and ultrasounds, ensuring appropriate care of your routine or high risk pregnancy, all within the comfort of our Tucson office.

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Our Other Services

We also provide expertise in all aspects of gynecology, such as:

  • Menopause
  • Fibroids
  • Treatment of heavy menstruation
  • Treatment options for bladder control problems

We are proud of our reputation in the operating room where we perform minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery or alternatives to hysterectomy that allow women to return rapidly to their regular activities.

Should the need arise for more advanced procedures, our female OB/Gyn surgeons are exceptionally trained in cutting edge surgical technology such as:

  • DaVinci Robotic Hysterectomy
  • Vaginal Reconstruction Surgeries
  • Treatment for urinary incontinence

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Copperstate OB/Gyn is more than just a women’s health care provider – we’re a family.

We’re here to make you feel comfortable, provide you with the utmost compassion and care, and ensure important preventative measures are taken to keep you healthy. Plus, with our staff of all female physicians and nurse practitioners, we understand your healthcare experience and why a safe, trusting environment is so important. Whatever your women’s health needs might be, we look forward to building a solid, lasting relationship with you.

Are you looking for an OB/Gyn you can trust? Do you live in the Tucson area? Book an appointment today!