Yeast Infections

If you’ve dealt with a yeast infection, you are not alone. Yeast infections are very common, and most women experience them at some point in their life. If you’re experiencing vaginal discomfort, irregular discharge, or vaginal itchiness, you could have a yeast infection. Yeast infections can lead to a lot of discomfort, but luckily, they are easily treatable. Read on to learn more about what yeast infections are, how you can treat yours, and how you can prevent them in the future.

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Ovulation Tracking

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting, and sometimes nerve-wracking, time. Whether this is your first time trying for a baby, or you have children and want to grow your family, you and your partner are setting out on a life-changing journey. You want to have the best chances possible of conceiving, so tracking your fertility and ovulation can be important.

For some couples, getting pregnant happens quickly and easily once they make the decision to conceive. For other couples, the process isn’t so straightforward, or there may be questions or issues about infertility to address. 

No matter what your particular situation is, fertility tracking is a useful tool to increase your chances of getting pregnant in any given month. 

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Hospital Bag Checklist

what to bring in your hospital bag when giving birth

The big day is almost here; do you have your hospital bag ready?

Babies sometimes arrive earlier than expected, so it’s good to be prepared for your hospital stay by your eighth month of pregnancy. When you go into labor you don’t want to be scrambling around looking for what to pack!

Especially for first-time parents, it can be hard to figure out what you’ll need, so we have put together a helpful checklist of items to consider bringing with you.

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Breastfeeding Tips for First Time Moms

Whether breastfeeding comes naturally with ease or your breastfeeding journey starts off a bit rocky, all moms can use some extra support. Some babies take a little time to learn to latch, and some mothers need a little practice to get comfortable. It can take a lot of patience to learn how to start breastfeeding. Here are some top tips on breastfeeding for first time moms.

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The Best Diet and Nutrition for Breastfeeding Mothers

Breastfeeding is good for both you and your baby. Breastfeeding helps you bond with your newborn, and can even relieve stress and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

The most important thing about breastfeeding is that breast milk contains all the nutrients your baby needs to grow. It can even potentially protect your baby from sickness. Some providers refer to breast milk as “liquid gold.” Once you start breastfeeding, you’ll understand why it’s easy to compare to gold, as it takes a lot of energy for your body to create nutrient-dense milk.

Create a breastfeeding diet to increase milk supply and eat foods that promote milk production. With the right diet, you’ll have the most nutrient-dense breast milk for your baby.

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