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Copperstate OB/GYN + TMC Health

copperstate obgyn and tmcone

Copperstate OB/GYN is excited to announce that we will become part of TMC Health in April 2024

Like Copperstate, TMC has a long history of providing excellent care for the women of Tucson and surrounding communities. We are excited by TMC’s focus on women’s health and their commitment to our community, and are looking forward to an enduring partnership.


We will continue delivering babies and performing surgery at St. Joseph’s Hospital until March 31, 2024, after which time we will start providing services exclusively at TMC facilities. 


We will continue to care for patients at our new office complex at 5550 E. Hampton and are excited by the close proximity to the TMC campus. 


We will continue to update you with important information as it becomes available.


We look forward to joining the TMC Health team!

FAQs: Copperstate + TMC Health

If my baby is due on or after April 1, 2024, will my baby be delivered at TMC?

Yes, the Copperstate physicians will deliver exclusively at TMC facilities after April 1st.

If my baby is due before April 1, 2024, where will I deliver?

Copperstate physicians will continue to deliver at St. Joseph’s Hospital through March 31, 2024.

What if I’m scheduled to deliver at TMC after April 1, but go into labor early?

Pregnancies can be unpredictable! If your plan has been to deliver at TMC, we will do our best to accommodate your delivery there.

I understand TMC is building a Rincon Hospital in the Vail area. Will I be able to deliver my baby at Rincon Hospital?

Yes, after the Rincon Hospital opens for deliveries, Copperstate patients will be able to deliver at Rincon, assuming the conditions of the mother and baby meet requirements. Some of our physicians will deliver exclusively at Rincon, and some will deliver at the main TMC facility at 5301 E. Grant Rd.

I’ve never delivered at TMC. How can I get more information about the hospital and surgeries provided?

We’re excited about the change! TMC offers an experienced staff committed to providing a great experience. They offer childbirth and parenting classes, breastfeeding support, and a special class designed for big brothers and sisters! If your baby needs specialized care, TMC has the highest level of NICU services available in Tucson. You can get more information and register for classes at tmcaz.com.

Does TMC take my insurance?

TMC contracts with all health plans currently accepted by Copperstate.

Will there be changes to my experience at Copperstate?

We want to make the transition to TMC Health as smooth as possible! We will continue seeing patients at our newly remodeled office complex at 5550 E. Hampton. Our staff will continue to offer the high-quality, attentive care you’ve come to expect at Copperstate.

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