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What is a Pap Smear + Why Do You Need One?

pap smear

If you’re new to the world of gynecology, either because you’re young or you’ve just never gotten around to making an appointment, you might not know what a Pap smear is. Or you know what it is, you just don’t know why it’s important. We’ve put together a simple overview of the Pap smear: what it is, what it does, when you need one, and why! Continue reading “What is a Pap Smear + Why Do You Need One?”

COVID-19 Update

Like many of our patients and community members, we are concerned about the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 and the potential for infection.

We are closely following updates from the Pima County Health Department, CDC, and ACOG to provide the best and most appropriate care for our patients, our staff, and our community. Continue reading “COVID-19 Update”