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Paige Brainard, M.D.

"I wanted to establish, and maintain, patient relationships-- becoming an OB/GYN offered me the chance to pursue that goal.  I'm able to share medical and life experiences with my patients.  Right now, I'm caring for a second generation pregnancy;  I'll deliver the baby of a woman I delivered."


Special Interests:

• Da Vinci Surgery
• Diagnostic gynecology
• Diagnostic Gynecologic Ultrasound
• In-office procedures


• Arizona State University, BSN Nursing
• University of Arizona, Pre-med
• University of Arizona Medical School
• University of Arizona, OB/Gyn residency

Professional Organizations:

• American College of Obstetrics and
• American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine
• Pima County Medical Society

What makes your specialty the right field of medicine for you?

I enjoy taking care of women of all ages. The continuity of care allows me to establish relationships and share life stories with my patients. We laugh, and sometimes cry, together. It’s a great feeling when a patient says after a complete exam that she didn’t even realize it was happening.

Describe the most rewarding experience that you have had working with a patient.

Every day can be a challenge or an adventure. I remember a single mom in her 40’s who had an abnormal ovary on exam. I did an ultrasound study and had to break the news that it was suspicious for cancer and she needed to have surgery. She sighed, then said, “First, I need to get my kids started in school. Then we’ll take care of me.” And that she did. Years later she’s still cancer free and loving her children.

During your medical career what have been some of the most important advancements in women's health care?

I’m excited about the possibilities with robotic assisted hysterectomies.  It allows me to do a major procedure through very small incisions, so there is little blood loss and patients bounce back quickly. It may seem like a scene out of Star Wars, but it’s still all about working together for good health.